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Warbirds International
June  2018

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The imposing sight of the Erickson Aircraft Collection Grumman/Columbia J2F-6 Duck captured by the camera of Philip Makanna/GHOSTS

in this issue

    German aircraft of the Military Aircraft Museum / by A. Kevin Grantham
    We remember Bill Kerchenfaut — one of the biggest influences on Unlimited air racing / by Tim Weinschenker
    Paul G. Allen and his expedition crew have made yet another incredible discovery — the USS Lexington and her air group in over 12,000-ft of water / by Howard Carter
    What it took to restore a nearly extinct Douglas Skyknight / by William Simone
    We fly with Jack Erickson’s fantastic Grumman J2F-6 / by Philip Makanna
    The author recounts a near-fatal flight in an ex-Swiss Air Force Bucker Jungmann / by John Lear
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